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Personalized Children's Books
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This personalized book is an ideal gift for children who love camping.

Personalized Children's My Camping Adventure Book

by Create A Book

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Product Information

The where, what, when, and how of your story

Product Description

The legend of the mountain's treasure is passed down from the old hermit bear to your child while they embark on an ecological family adventure as bears.

Another wonderful gift for children and addition to your child's library!

My Camping Adventure is a fun children's book that would take your child on an exciting camping trip and treasure hunt. When kids see that they are the main characters of the whole adventure, how can they not read every page until the very end? In this super stimulating camping book, your child, his dad, and one of his friends would embark on an ecological camping trip as bears. They would follow an old hermit bear map's to find a hidden treasure!

On top if this, My Camping Adventure is also an educational children's book. It teaches your child how to care for the environment while out camping.

This personalized book is an ideal gift for children who love camping, or for kids preparing for an upcoming camping trip. My Camping Adventure features beautiful and very colorful illustrations with dynamic, engaging text that is very easy to understand. Give your child the best personalized book about camping. Buy My Camping Adventure now.

Product Specifications

  • Gender and Ages: Boys and Girls, 3 - 10 years
  • Book Size: 9" x 7"
  • Number of Pages: 36
  • Cover: Washable Hardcover

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