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Personalized Growth Charts

Personalized Growth Charts

When you're a kid, nothing seems more important than growing up. Getting bigger means you get to do more things. You get to go to school with the big kids, stay up late, drive cars, and do all the grown up things children want to go. Every inch of height means a child's getting closer to that ultimate goal-adulthood. A time when you can choose your own bedtime and what to have for dinner all by yourself.

Growing up with Fun

Help your soon-to-be big kid visualize how much she's growing with a personalized growth chart. Each 12 by 42-inch comes with your child's first name boldly printed at the top, with four grommets for easy hanging. Choose from a wide range of bright, colorful themes, including outer space, butterflies, sports, love, and dinosaurs.

With each inch your little one grows up just a little more. Help your child realize how big he or she is getting with a customized growth chart from I See Me!.

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